Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off the Menu: G'Raj Mahal

Not only do I have the joy of working with Sidney at G'Raj Mahal for an entrepreneurship project, but was also able to sit down with her and find out which of their menu items are gluten-free. Luckily for all of us they don't skimp on ingredients or the cooking process so most of the dishes are naturally gluten-free and free of thickeners and preservatives.  Of course, always tell them that you are eating gluten-free so they can be sure to take care with the process.

Their goal is to provide authentic Indian food, enjoy!

- Pakoras
- Tamatar
- Papri Chat - ask for without naan crisps

- Crispy Lentil Papadam

Non-Creamy Sauces Curry:
- Classic Curry
- Madrasi
- Vindaloo
- Jalfrezi

Cream Sauces:
- Saag
- Makhani
- Tikka Masala
- Korma
- Kashmiri
- Rogan Josh
- Malabar

- Vegetable/chicken/beef/lamb/shrimp

Strictly Vegetarian Dishes:
- Aloo Gobi
- Baingan Bartha
- Malai Kofta
- Mushroom and Peas
- Mushroom Masala
- Chana Masala
- Dahl Makhani

- Chicken
- Fish or Shrimp
- Lamb Rack

Goan Specials:
- Coconut curry
- Rechaad Masala
- Sorpotel

- Kheer
- Kulfi

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