Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Recent Gluten-Free (Celiac!) Faves

As I've explained multiple times (because it frustrates me so much!) my full-blown searchable website has become infected so I can't search for many of my favorite locations. I also am unable to help others!

Therefore, I just wanted to bring to the top of my blog some of my favorite (and safe) gluten-free restaurants in and around Austin. I have spoken to the managers at every single one of these and eaten successfully dozens of times. 

Please feel free to comment and add to the list!

Breakfast Tacos:






Pizza (both use separate pans, utensils and toppings):
100% Gluten-Free: Wildwood Bakehouse!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Planning a Gluten-Free Wedding

This year I'm excited to be planning a wedding with my fantastic fiancé, Aaron. Being the amazing
man that he is, it was his idea to have a 100% gluten-free wedding (with the exception of some local brews). Now, while I definitely wanted this, I wasn't going to push the 100% part too much if it was met with dismay.

Lucky for me, he's on board and excited about it! Therefore, we've had the task of creating a gluten-free menu, selecting gluten-free alcohol and of course, finding a gluten-free wedding cake.

Our wedding will be taking place at the Pecan Grove, which is a venue owned by the Salt Lick. While they require you to use their catering services, don't assume that all you're going to get is BBQ. On top of having a brisket and sausage carving station, they are setting us up with a mashed potato bar, salad bar, list of gluten-free appetizers AND a charcuterie spread for the cocktail hour complete with gluten-free crackers.

The alcohol was fairly easy...we are winos so we'll have a nice selection (and a wine tasting!) paired with some safe liquors including Deep Eddy Vodkas and tequila (who has a Texas wedding without tequila!?).

The last item was the cake, and we thought it would be the most challenging. Luckily, being the gluten-free blogger that I am, I have had great experiences with options around town. We looked at Wildwood Bakehouse, but they weren't big on wedding cakes, as well as some other cake makers who "could make something gluten-free" but couldn't guarantee cross-contamination. There was one on our list that we were counting on and it turned out to be a success - Better Bites Bakery.

Better Bites Bakery is hugely popular for cakes, cookies and more PLUS it is vegan! We went for a tasting and spoke with the decorator who has made us very excited about our cakes. We'll be having a smaller groom's cake and a wedding cake - both of which can be made tall! You will see that many of the websites say they won't hold up over 3 stories, but Better Bites is making it happen.

We'll keep you up to date as things progress...there are still food decisions that must be made for the shower, bachelorette, rehearsal and bridal stay tuned!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

True Food Kitchen Opens in Austin!

About a year and a half ago, my fiancé Aaron and I discovered True Food Houston. It was a fantastic fresh food and gluten-free experience and we were hoping that some day it would make its way 2.5 hours down the road to us.

The Seaholm Power Plant area of downtown has been under construction for quite some time and the "coming soon" signs continued to showcase new, exciting businesses that would be opening. During a run around Town Lake, Aaron looked over and said "Look!!! True Food Kitchen has been added to the Seaholm sign!" - we couldn't wait.
So when I received an email invitation to attend the soft opening, I jumped at the chance. Tonight we had a chance to try this new downtown restaurant, and were not disappointed.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly staff, who encouraged us to have our first drink at the bar. After ordering a refreshing Skinny Citrus Margarita, we were seated and immediately ordered the hummus appetizer - which came with gluten-free pita bread. We requested a side of veggies to go with our hummus as well and the plate was beautiful. The vegetables were so fresh and not your typical collection of carrots and celery, but root vegetables and unique seasonal offerings.

Since it was our chance to try it all, we then decided to split the grilled chicken salad and it did not disappoint. Note: we did have to request that the farro be left off because of my Celiac Disease. Along those same lines, my waiter made quick note of my severe gluten-intolerance and brought a manager over to answer any questions I had. I did suggest that they make sure to tell those with gluten-intolerance that items that are not marked can be iterated to be safe as well.

For my entree I ordered the Spicy Thai Curry with Chicken and it was amazing, the perfect amount of spice and a tasty side of brown rice mixed with quinoa, which was such a nice change of plain rice! Aaron ordered the turkey wrap, which we learned later could be made in the pita as a sandwich as well - definitely next time.

We closed out the night with dessert, which included the lemon ginger frozen yogurt (similar consistency to sorbet) for me and the flourless GF chocolate cake for him. Even though we were quite full by this point, we enjoyed every bite we DID take.

Overall, True Food Kitchen did not disappoint - actually the complete opposite. We are SO excited to have another option downtown for my special dietary needs that allows us to not only feel safe eating but also have fresh and real food paired with a full cocktail bar.

I suggest everyone check them out and soon! Enjoy :)