Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best year yet for gluten-free...and for the g-free me

With each new year we sit down and reflect, while also thinking about what we hope to accomplish in the year to come. In 2011 I was able to grow my blog and Twitter followers, start writing a book about my experiences coping with Celiac and begin the process of creating the company G-Free in the City. With all of these things underway I have a lot to finish up and move forward with in 2012.

Although it is a lofty goal, I do hope to finish up my e-book and self-publish by the end of the year. If you are is Jaime going to write a book...I'm asking myself the same question! I'll figure it out though with some help from friends and support from my own gluten-free community.

On top of that I really hope to get an internship in the industry so I can learn from others who have worked with food and nutrition in the "real world". That process has already begun and let's just cross our fingers that I get a great position with inspiring individuals.

As far as my gluten-free challenges and troubles, my goal this year is to continue to share my stories and share with others to learn how they get through each day. I've learned so much from those I follow on Twitter and through the websites and blogs that I read, and I'm so thankful for how tight-knit the Celiac community really is.

Finally, I will try to cook more. If you know me this is probably the hardest of all to accomplish!

Not only am I setting goals for this year, but so are Celiac patients nationwide. We are all pushing for the FDA to finally pass some gluten-free labeling regulations (hopefully in Q3) and for even more manufacturers to realize that this market is not only here to stay but growing every year. The steps the medical community has taken this year are making it easier to diagnose and pinpoint gluten sensitivities and for that I want to support them in anyway possible. All that is related to gluten sensitivities is growing at a pace unseen since the beginning of the vegetarian craze, so jump on board!

Happy New Year!!

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