Monday, July 30, 2012

Gatti's Gluten-Free Pizza FREE 7/31

I've seen a huge uptick in visits to my post about Gatti's Austin gluten-free pizza: and I KNOW it is because they are getting fantastic press coverage and social media props for their upcoming gluten-free FREE pizza day on 7/31 (tomorrow!).

They have a great cross-contact policy (of course there is other pizza there, but they are awesome about making it all separate - it is the chance we take EVERY TIME we eat out!) and the crust is made of ancient grains which makes it even healthier - almost like a whole grain crust.

To participate PRINT OUT the coupon below and/or simply mention the deal when you call - pick-up only in Austin stores!
Here is an pizza, luckily I got one before they ran out, but I must say that I will be going back and if you didn't get a chance to try it, don't be shy. It was tasty and on top of that it's the cheapest g-free pizza in town!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Off the Menu: Taverna

For a long time I've known that Taverna here in Austin had a couple of gluten-free items, and on many occasions I crave their Balsamic Chicken Risotto (it is to die for!) but this last brunch I was presented for the first time with a gluten-free menu! How excited was I to realize that they finally put it on paper :) I'm not sure if this menu serves all Taverna locations (I would assume so)- but at least I know I have options when it comes to Austin! 

House Salad


Carpaccio di Manzo - sliced beef, served with rucola, shaved parmesean, country mustard, lemon, truffle oil and capers

Fritto Misto - calamari, shrimp, shallots, zucchini & carrots sauteed and served with spicy tomato aioli (sauteed instead of fried)

Tuna Tar Tar - (server will eliminate the crispy zucchini)

Balsamic Risotto with Chicken Rollatine

Parmesan cheese & Truffle Oil

Artichokes, Roasted Grape Tomatoes, Lemon Confit, Pan Seared Diver Scallops

Saffron Risotto with Mixed Seafood

Shimp, Pesto, Butter & Parmesan (served will eliminate fried zucchini)

Tagliata di Manzo - pan seared beef tenderloin, with arugula salad, EVOO and pancetta roasted potatoes

Pan Seared Sea Bass - served over mixed vegetables with a clam & mussel brodetto (served substitute vegetables instead of orzo pasta)

Scottish Salmon - pan roasted Scottish salmon with mango sweet relish, zucchini, yellow squash & roasted pomodoroini

**Please note - several of our daily specials can also be altered to be gluten-free as well

Thursday, July 19, 2012

G-Free Weekend in San Antonio

Last weekend I traveled down I35 to San Antonio to spend some time with my parents. My dad was in town for a fraternity convention and of course my mom couldn't pass up the opportunity to be so close to me and hang out :) "Frat camp" (as it was referred to) was at the Grand Hyatt on the Riverwalk and was quite the event.

As usual I had done my research and unfortunately didn't get very far. I shot emails out to a number of restaurants and only heard back from one! So...that's the one we went to, it is called Barriba Cantina.

From the email I was told that "most" of the menu was gluten-free - which I hate - but since it was my only response it was the deciding I saw that they were owned by County Line where I have always had success in Austin. Unfortunately, I got sick. Now, I cannot pinpoint what it would've been because it was a minor attack so I want to say it was more likely cross-contamination or maybe a sauce thickener they are unaware of? Regardless, I ordered tacos, chips & queso and a margarita. In the end it could've very well been the taste of my dad's margarita with Grand Marnier in it (but then again that is listed as a safe alcohol, so I don't know). Suffice it to say, we went to bed early that night.

The next day we were determined to aim for safety so we went with fruit for breakfast and then decided that Achiote at the hotel would be the safest bet from that point forward (they had gotten back to me later, AND I called - they knew EVERYTHING - awesome). I was able to speak to a chef on duty who had worked for a Celiac GM previously so he was well aware. For lunch I successfully got a turkey and avocado wrap with cucumber salad, for dinner a burger with gluten-free bread and fresh french fries, and for breakfast on Sunday eggs, bacon, gluten-free bread and fruit.

Bottom-line - I am now destined to stay at the Grand Hyatt each and every time I am in San Antonio! I want to thank them for their help and hospitality. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Off the Menu: Sagra Austin

Sagra Austin is a local, Italian restaurant with a mission to use fresh ingredients and provide some contemporary flair to their menu. I am impressed with the large variety of gluten-free options available, enjoy!

Piatto Sagra - meats, cheeses, chianti mustard and preserves
Zuppa di Cozze - mussels
Calamari Misti
Arugula salad
Romana salad
Principessa salad

Paglia e Fieno - sunchokes, asparagus, fire roasted mushrooms, hazelnuts
al Forna - diced chicken, spinach, fontina, truffle oil
Arrabiata - sausage, salami, olive tapendade, mozzarella, spicy tomato sauce
Zaferrano - rock shrimp, crab, smoked mussels, asparagus, capers, saffron crema

The Oven
Involtini de Pollo
Pettini de Mar
Bistecca Tagliata

Insalata Misto
Pasta Marinara
Risotto Pomodoro

Friday, July 6, 2012

Off the Menu: 24 Diner

This restaurant is fairly new - a couple of years - and has proven to be a great addition to the corner of 6th and Lamar! 24 Diner is open 24-hours a day (I rarely need this, but good to know) and serve fresh and healthy meals. Their gluten-free menu is extensive and from what I've experienced they know what they are doing, which is always a huge relief. Check them OR night!

Breakfast Platter
Two eggs, choice of bacon, sausage or ham,
skillet fries, fresh fruit….....9.95

Homemade skillet fries, onions, jalapenos, two eggs
served with fresh fruit.

24 Hash
Cheddar, bacon, sausage…....9.95

Veggie Hash
Cheddar, mushrooms, red peppers…....9.95

Sweet Potato Hash
Sausage, Monterey Jack, poblano…....10.95

Topped with arugula and lemon vinaigrette. Served with
fresh fruit. Substitute egg whites for95¢
Country Ham & Gruyère
Caramelized onion…...9.95

Applewood Bacon & Cheddar
Pickled jalapenos…...9.95

Goat Cheese
Cherry tomatoes, spinach…...9.95

Cherry tomatoes, spinach, olives…...9.95

One egg*…......95¢
Applewood-smoked bacon…...3.95
Homemade breakfast sausage…...3.95
Skillet fries…...3.95

Deviled Eggs
Bacon, smoked paprika, chives…...5.95

French Fries
House-cut potatoes, smoked aioli,
honey mustard, ketchup…...7.95

Buttermilk, Caesar*, vinaigrettes: roasted shallot, lemon, roasted tomato.
Add pulled chicken breast for 2.95; add 6 oz. blackened tuna for 8.95.

Romaine, turkey, chicken, country ham,
bacon, avocado, Gorgonzola, egg, tomato,
buttermilk dressing…..12.95

Romaine, Parmesan, anchovy, black pepper,
garlic, lemon…..10.95      Small…..6.95

Chicken Salad
Almonds, apricots, celery, red onion, ginger, mixed greens,
lemon vinaigrette served with fresh fruit…..11.95

Mixed Greens
Greens, dried cranberries, goat cheese, pistachios,
shallot vinaigrette…..10.95      Small…..6.95

Charred Bitters
Radicchio, mushrooms, Gorgonzola, walnuts,
roasted shallot vinaigrette…..12.95

Whipped potatoes, daily vegetable…..20.95

Roasted Chicken
Half chicken, whipped potatoes,
daily vegetable, shallot jus…..13.95

Pork Chop*
Mashed sweet potatoes, bacon-braised greens,
brown sugar butter…..16.95

Please make your server aware of gluten allergies.
24 Diner is happy to accommodate special dietary needs
with menu modifications.
House-cut fries…............................3.95      
Whipped potatoes…..3.95
Bacon-braised greens……...........3.95  
Daily vegetable…..........mkt
Mashed sweet potatoes…..........3.95

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Off the Menu: Tacodeli

Okay, this one is more like what is NOT on the menu! Tacodeli has done a fantastic job making almost everything gluten-free with a corn tortilla, and they are very careful about it. Added bonus - their breakfast taco "potato" is mashed and SO good.

There isn't much seating at the different locations, so I think the best bet with Tacodeli is to order for pick-up. However, if it is a nice day, lunch on a picnic table is relaxing and fun.

I'll outline what is off limits below, and it is also marked on their menu here: Other than that they offer tacos, salads and more - for a great price.

Do not eat:

Cochinita Pibil
Sausage (as an option for breakfast)

Tortilla Creations