Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gluten-Free Family Visit to Austin

Although my family has been to visit me multiple times, it hasn't been much since I was diagnosed and definitely not all at the same time. However, tomorrow my brother, mom, dad and grandma will all be here for the Thanksgiving holidays, which means I'm playing hostess. While they are used to tradition, as you may know, I don't necessarily live life that way so we're doing things my way :) Gluten-free all the way! Here's the food agenda:

Wednesday - late lunch/dinner at original Salt Lick

Thursday (Thanksgiving!) - we have a reservation at Maggiano's Little Italy who is having a specific turkey meal, which allows me to have their gluten-free pasta and salads and my family to have turkey, stuffing, etc. which couldn't have happened in my small kitchen due to cross-contamination. So...even though it isn't a home-cooked meal my family can eat a "normal" meal while I feel safe with my Turkey Day feast too :)

Of course, I also had to get some snacks for all of the hanging out and family time we'll be enjoying, so I stopped by Natural Grocers and got some gluten-free Nut Thins, cheese cubes, hummus and carrots - healthier than most holidays but it'll work.

Friday - lunch in Fredericksburg (will have to do some research on that one, but there is always cheese...and a LOT of wine!) and then dinner at Trudy's for Tex-Mex

They are heading out Saturday but we might squeeze a quick lunch in at Abel's on the Lake for a great view.
I cannot WAIT for them to get here!!

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  1. Keep up the bloggin! I've heard good things about Maggiano's having a GF menu.

    Good luck with turning your passion for GF into a career. You can do it!